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This is unbelievable,


South Africa: Rand 1= 79 Naira

Angola: 1 kwanza = 12 Naira

Botswana: 1 Pula = 28 Naira

Cape Verde: 1 Escudo = 8 Naira

Algeria: 1 Dinar = 12 Naira

Egypt: 1 Pound = 35 Naira

Eritrea: 1 Nakata = 18 Naira

Ethiopia: 1 Birr = 19 Naira

Ghana: 1 Cedi = 56 Naira

Gambia 1 Dalasi = 9 Naira

Kenya: 1 shilling = 6 Naira

Liberia: 1 Dinar = 8 Naira

Lesotho: 1 Loti = 19 Naira

Libya: 1 Dinar = 156 Naira

Morrocco: 1 Dirham = 176 Naira

Madagascar: 1 Ariary = 14 Naira

Mauritius: 1 Rupee = 16 Naira

Malawi: 1 kwacha = 21 Naira

Mozambique: 1 Metical = 24 Naira

Namibia: 1 Dollar = 32 Naira

Seychelles: 1 Rupee = 22 Naira

Sudan: 1 pound = 42 Naira

Swaziland: 1 Lilangeri = 19 Naira

Tunisia: 1 Dinar = 150 Naira

Zambia: 1 kwacha = 28 Naira

Even the worst economies of Africa now have more valuable Exchange rate than us.

As at today $1 = N450.

N1,000,000 is less than $2,300.

The Telegraph. ..
Pray for the giant of Africa, Pls, keep praying for our dear country Nigeria. JEREMIAH, 29:7.

Yet Nigerian’s jokes with their Virgil’s, play with their fastings, and make the word of God none effect because of their tradition..

we should stop the gossip, and talk the gospel..



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Welcome to the Merchant Shares FB Group! :) Investments in Merchant Shares are a minimum of 20.00. There are 4 types of investments that you can choose from, which you can see by mousing over the graph up top of the site. You can choose to invest in all types or in a variety, whichever you like. Three of those investment types, Forex, Stocks and Commodities will trade 0.25% up to 2.25% per day on Monday through Friday and on weekends it’s 0.25%. The reason for that is because there are no trading floors or banks opened on weekends. The 4th type, Web Ads are traded up to the full potential (0.25% up to 2.25%) all 7 days of the week. Each investment earns daily, until its retirement when it has earned the guaranteed 150%. Merchant Shares always gives WITHDRAWALS INSTANTLY, has a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee and is a Registered Legal Business. Minimum to invest deposited funds from payment processor: $20 Minimum to invest transferred earnings or commissions: $18 Minimum to transfer earnings from each investment: $2.50 Minimum to transfer commissions: $0.01 Minimum to withdraw transferred earnings or commissions: $5 Maximum to withdraw 5 withdrawals @$250 each daily ($1250) Maximum to invest: $2000 in last 24 hours $5000 in last 7 days $10000 in last 30 days Up to $1000 per single investment Whichever pay processor you choose to use for your investment will be the same pay processor that you must withdraw to. You can have multiple investments from any number of pay processors. Referring is not required in Merchant Shares. For those who would like to refer others, you can find your Advertising Link in the left menu on the website. 5% commissions are given to sponsors when his referral invests using new deposited funds. Commissions are not given when his referral uses earnings or commissions to make new investments. Please abide by the group rules and no-spam policy. Violators will be banned. Take some time to read the Group Rules and Disclaimer: https://www.facebook.com/notes/merchant-shares/merchant-shares-group-disclaimer/610027855820569 Helpful Tips: The internal wallet system is your central hub for using all your transactions. Please get accustomed to using the new site and your Summary. Profits Available = Your Earnings —— Balance = Your Wallet(s) TRANSFER TO THE WALLET FIRST before you WITHDRAW or INVEST!!! You can also transfer profits and then add to them with a new deposit, if you want. Profits earned from individual investments of $2.50+ will appear on your transfer page. Here is an example of an Investment page and those available for transferring http://screencast.com/t/Knbtv1gRVw DEPOSITING: After clicking on Deposit to add new funds, please check your relevant Wallet, then click Invest. ********************************** PLEASE READ BEFORE SUBMITTING A SUPPORT TICKET OR GOING TO LIVE CHAT. Here are some answers and solutions for issues that you may be experiencing: Problem: Can’t login Possible Solutions: 1) Click Forgotten Password 2) Send an email to the MS Support team and tell them the full details of your problem. You will find the email address on the Contact page of the website. Problem: Missing Deposit Solution: Submit a support ticket selecting the Missing Deposit topic. Include all of your details of the transaction, including batch and reference numbers, the amount and the date. Do not reply until MS has replied back to you, as doing so will push your ticket to the back of the queue. Your withdrawal will be processed in the order that your ticket was received, within 24 to 72 hours. Problem: Pending withdrawal Solution: Submit a support ticket selecting the Withdrawal topic. Include all of your details of the transaction, withdrawal ID, the amount and the date. Do not reply until MS has replied back to you, as doing so will push your ticket to the back of the queue. Your withdrawal will be processed in the order that your ticket was received, within 24 to 72 hours. NOTE THAT WITHDRAWALS AND DEPOSITS ARE PROCESSED INSTANTLY — only when there are server or other rare technical issues will these problems happen. Problem: How to use earnings to invest, previously called “Re-invest” on the old website Solution: Here are the steps: 1) Click to Transfer each investments earnings that are over $2.50 and follow through, transferring to the wallet, one at a time. The amounts will be combined in the wallet. 2) Once you are finished transferring, click on Invest and choose your wallet and the investment type. Enter the amount, View and then Confirm Note: You can transfer your commissions to the wallet also to use for investing. Combining new deposits + earnings + commissions to make new investments is allowed. Problem: Not have enough transferred funds to make a new investment Solutions: 1) Wait some days to earn $2.50+ in your investment(s), then transfer to the wallet OR 2) Click Deposit to add more funds into your wallet balance via the same pay processor of your wallet. NOTE: Commissions less than $2.50 as well as the last bit of remaining earnings from an inactive investment are eligible for transferring. Problem: I do not know who my sponsor is Solution: Click on Profile and scroll down to see your sponsor. NOTE: You can also choose to Change your sponsor, only if you have not yet invested. Please know that there are no staff, owners or any MS official representative or PR person in this group. No one here is the creator of this FB group. We are all only members like you. We do not have any type of inside information. We are just volunteers who to try to help only because of the simple fact that we like to help others, nothing more. Results can vary, depending upon a variety of factors, as stated on the website Terms of Service. Read the group Disclaimer: Stay updated by “Liking” the MS FB page and also by reading the News page. No automatic alt text available. signup to merchantshares here- https://www.merchantshares.com/r/Erhiga/sign-up


INTRODUCING MMM THE MASSES HOPE AGAINST GLOBAL ECONOMY 1.WORDS OF WISDOM FROM GREAT MEN/BUSINESS INVESTORS On Earning:- Never depend on single income. Make investment to create a second source. – WARREN BUFFET On Investment:- Do not put all eggs in one basket. – WARREN BUFFET The positive thinker sees the impossible, feels the intangible and achieves the impossible. If you hang around 5 confident people you will be the 6th, if you hang around 5 intelligent people you will be the 6th, if you hang around 5 investors/millionaires you will be the 6th, if you hang around 5 people who see everything as scam and remain poor (working for money) definitely you will be the 6th, if you hang around 5 idiots, you will be the??? (answer yourself). Losers are people who are afraid of losing. – Robert Kiyosaki Life is not fair. It gives you what you fight for and not what you deserves. – Nelson Mandela Sometimes what you are most afraid of doing is the very thing that will set you free. – Robert Tew The worst thing you can do about a situation is nothing. – Dr Laura Good things happen when you distance yourself from negative people. It always seems impossible until it’s done. – Nelson Mandela 2. SOME DIFFERENCES BETWEEN THE RICHLY AND THE POOR If you believe you are rich the way you are and your money from your shop/Office or where you work is wonderful and you don’t need MMM then ask yourself if you are not there in person what happens to your income? The money of the rich work for the rich but the poor keep working for their money which always is never enough to solve problems. The poor works so hard only because they want to be in the state of being broke (having just 5k after spending on expenses), the rich live like they are broke to keep investing and making more wealth. 3. WORDS THAT MAKES PEOPLE REMAIN POOR. 1. I don’t have any spare money so I can’t afford it. 2. I don’t believe in things like this, it is not possible. 3. What if I put money into it and it crashes? What if I lose all my money? 4. I am very busy, working all the time. 4. HOW THOSE WHO MAKE IT IN LIFE THINGS. 1. How can I manage my chances of losing so I can win? 2. Can this investment help me achieve my dreams and execute my plans? 3. How can I make it possible even when everyone say it is impossible? 4. How can I get start up capital? How can I afford it? 5. CATEGORIES OF INCOME There are two major types of income which are ACTIVE AND PASSIVE. Acroynms used and their meaning; JOB — JOURNEY OF THE BROKE. SYSTEM — SAVE YOURSELF TIME, ENERGY AND MONEY. ACTIVE INCOME:- This is income for which services have been performed. This including wages, tips,salaries,commissions and income from businesses in which there is material/physical participation. Examples are; 1. EMPLOYEE:- You have a JOB and you work under someone or persons.You get paid at the end of the prearranged time between you and your employer. 2. SELF EMPLOYED:- You own a JOB. (you have a shop, sells at the market or into your personal Business. NOTE:WHEN YOU ARE NOT THERE TO PERFORM SERVICE, INCOME IS NOT COMING IN. PASSIVE INCOME:- This is earning an individual derives from a rental property, limited partnership or other enterprise in which he or she is not materially/physically involved. Examples are; 1.BUSINESS OWNER:- You own a SYSTEM which helps you leverage your growth. Other people works for you. 2.INVESTOR:-Your money works for you in a SYSTEM. NOTE: YOU DON’T NEED TO BE THERE ALWAYS BECAUSE THE SYSTEM WORKS FOR YOU. 6. FINALLY WHAT IS MMM FOR AND AGAINST? 1. MMM is for the masses and not the government. 2. MMM is against the financial system of the world economy that favours the rich against the poor.(if you don’t go to work or store you don’t eat then you are still poor) 3. MMM pays you as a reward for helping someone 10 times better than your interest paid by the bank in a month. 4. MMM wants to assist you take some time off and rest so you don’t die young from pressure of expenses yet to be covered. 5. With MMM you stop working for your money but your money working for you while you continue focusing on other sources of income. 6. MMM is your hope of resistance to economic Fluctuations. 7. MMM supports your active income by being your passive Income. The list can continue but those who are tired of struggling to live above water level don’t need this much to believe and change their lives. Just remember that your parents were responsible for your birth and how you came to planet earth but not how you live it and leave as well. I hope when you look back to today 5 years from now you will be proud of yourself. Join MMM today and make 30 percent profit of all you put into it within a month, no tricks, no hidden charges, no business is poor and no profit, 30 percent is 30 percent. For Example 10k to 13k,20k to 26k,50k to 65k,100k to 130k. P.S Bonuses included to help you earn more, remember the days of doubting thomas is over, start today so your story can be told and not you talking about people’s story. FOR ENQUIRER/MORE INFORMATION ABOUT MMM AND HOW TO REGISTER AND START EARNING REAL TIME, INBOX ME OR CALL. +2348038034261. Email. erhiga12@gmail.com, Click here to sign-up: http://nigeria-mmm.net/?i=erhiga12@gmail.com



What is MS and how does it work? (This is how I explain MS — please feel free to copy and use it wink emoticon )
Merchant shares is an investment management service that has 4 investment sectors to choose from: Forex, Stocks, Commodities and Web Ads.
Each investment is a minimum of $20 and you are guaranteed 150% on your investment (100% is your invested amount + 50% is your profit).
You earn a % every day until you reach your guaranteed 150%, at which that time your investment will expire.
You will earn 0.25% up to 2.25% per day 7 days per week for Web Ads and you will earn 0.25% up to 2.25% per day on weekdays for Forex, Stocks and Commodities and 0.25% on weekend days.
There are no ads to click, no tasks to do — simply
Deposit, Invest and Earn — that’s it!
They have been faithfully processing withdrawals INSTANTLY since they first launched in March of 2014.
The minimum to withdraw from your investment or from your commissions is $5.
You can compound by using your Profit Available amount or your referral commissions to make new investments.
MS has a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their services, with no questions asked.
Several payment methods are accepted including: Payeer, SolidTrust Pay, Paytoo, Perfect Money, Okpay and Neteller. Some of these payment systems do accept Bitcoin, credit cards, debit cards and bank wires. MS does not directly accept Bitcoins.
Referring is not a requirement however, you can earn you 5% commissions for every new deposit your referrals make. Your commissions are available instantly for withdrawing or for making new investments.
Unlike other online opportunities, MS does not accept any referrals from a company or owner’s link and all new signups must join under another member’s link.
There is only one level of referrals and MS is not an MLM.
MS is not an hyip or rev share that will fail or disappear with your money.
Merchant Shares is uniquely designed for reliability, consistency, stability and long term investing.
here to Start Making real money no Hype –https://www.merchantshares.com/r-Erhiga